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⬇ Collected from Trellis’ website on their donate page. Looking to create something similar. 

“Frys Community Rewards

  • Select Trellis as your charity of choice for Fry’s Community Rewards. All you have to do is enroll or link to your app, and then you can give back to Trellis with every purchase on your VIP card.

Enroll Here

Amazon Smile

  • When you are online shopping, Amazon Smile makes it simple to give to the charity of your choice. Select Trellis and 0.5% of your purchase price will be donated. It’s easy! Shop Now

Employer Matching Gifts

  • What if your gift could go even further? More than 18 million individuals work for thousands of companies with matching gift programs. Check to see if your company will double your impact. If your company does not currently offer a matching gifts program, please check with your human resources department. You might double or even triple the value of your gift if you work for an employer that matches gifts.3

Planned Giving

  • Leaving your Legacy. A planned gift to Trellis in your will or trust is a simple way to make a big impact and it costs you nothing during your lifetime. You always can change your mind and will maintain your access to your assets but leaving a bequest to Trellis will ensure your legacy lives on by empowering underserved communities. Bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes, meaning the charitable deduction you receive can offset your estate taxes and provide a larger inheritance for your family. Gifts may be for a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. Here is a form that can assist you in your planning Download Plan

Donor-Advised Fund

  • This is a flexible and cost-effective way to support your favorite charities. Most funds require a minimum of a $50 donation to a qualified 501(c)3. To make a gift from your Donor-Advised Fund, contact your fund administrator and let them know you would like to contribute to Trellis (Tax ID 51-0152395). The DAF sponsor handles all recordkeeping, disbursements, and tax receipts. Contributions are tax-deductible, and any investment growth in the DAF is tax-free. It is also easy to donate long-term appreciated securities, eliminating capital gains taxes and allowing you to support several charities from one block of stock.

IRA Charitable Rollover:

  • Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) are funds from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that can be donated to a nonprofit organization without first recognizing it as income. If you are above the age of 70.5 and have a Traditional IRA, you are eligible to make a QCD that reduce your taxable income and satisfy Minimum Distributions. Normally, funds withdrawn from your Traditional IRA count towards your annual income, increasing your tax burden and possibly moving you into a higher tax bracket. QCDs are an exception to this rule—funds go directly from your IRA to a charitable organization without counting towards your annual income. Required minimum distributions are amounts that you must withdraw annually from your IRA once you reach a certain age and by making a QCD gift you can avoid penalties.
  • Contact your IRA administrator to make a gift from your IRA to Trellis and contact to let us know that you have completed the paperwork.
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