Credit Solutions Program




An intensive program to work with individuals to tackle debt, improve credit scores and meet lender requirements in a concentrated time period, such as applying for a home loan. A credit coach is assigned to you until you complete your target goals. (See Client and Counselor Roles and Responsibilities – Program Disclosure Form, Action Plan Target Goals)

This program is suitable for individuals working to clear up credit problems in preparation for the possible extension of credit by a lender. (YSF does not guarantee an extension of credit by a lender, nor is it an offer to extend credit).

Services include:

  • Action Plan
  • Tri-merge Credit Report
  • Credit Expert simulations and analysis
  • Audited budget and customized saving/spending plan
  • Targeted debt reduction strategy/debt-Free coaching

Counseling/Educational Coaching sessions covering:

  • Establishing an Emergency Home Fund
  • Understanding Your Credit Report and FICO Scores
  • Using Time Value of Money
  • Power of Interest
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